At Cleanergetic, we take care of a complete study of your solar energy project combining financial aspects and technical expertise.

Energía solar


Development and planning risks.

Energía solar


Appropriate technology, including modules and inverters.

Energía solar


A viable and successful solar energy project.

Feasibility analysis
Energía solar
  • Technical reports for investment proposal
  • Capability review (technology, resources, etc.)
  • Basic engineering
  • Best plant selection in a portfolio of opportunities

  • Critical Design Review
  • HSSE and Quality Plan
  • EPC bid analysis
  • O&M bid analysis

Energía solar

All our potential and international knowledge of photovoltaic technology at your disposal.

Covering the manufacturing process, quality and reliability of the different components of the photovoltaic system.​

In addition, with our extensive and proven experience in manufacturing audits and inspections, root cause failure analysis and correlation with PV module construction and technology, we are able to offer you a long-term quality assessment service of modules, inverters and other PV system components.

Factory audits
  • Manufacturing process evaluations
  • On-site audits
  • Bankability studies
  • Root cause analysis investigations

Cleanergetic has also established partnerships with the most recognized independent specialized laboratories for measurements of standard test conditions (CIEMAT, ISPRA JRC, TÜV, etc.).